An Oak tree


Properly, she presumed her childhood to be everything. Twas completely and utterly the best time of her life. She remembers tall oak trees with branches sprawling towards the sky begging her to climb them. “Come to the tippy top and see as we see.” The trees, you see, only talked to Amelia B. On any lazy afternoon one could find Amelia latching onto the lowest branch. Being camoflauged by wide leaves, all you could see was one, two shoes thud to the ground.

The father was a dreamer himself. Watching his precious treasure nestle her tiny frame snug against the tree trunk. She always closed her eyes and sighed. Wind braiding her hair into impossible tangles the father would, unfortunately, reverse later. She was able to be, just Amelia B. No unnecessary chatter and clanking of tea cups. No shuffling of clippety-clop shoes. Her feet kicked to and fro as she saw as the trees. Amelia and her oak trees.

“One day you will not want to climb trees, Amelia B.” Her grandmother would say.

The freckled child wrinkled her nose and snorted. How impossible! To live without seeing as the trees see? What an awful thought indeed. Surely everyone knew of the incredible girl who could talk to trees.

Seasons came and went, Amelia B stayed the same. Forever talking to her trees and forever listening to their ways. How curious, a girl without an interest in people. She hiked up her dress then one, two shoes thud to the ground. Hair longer, but ever the same amber braided by the wind. Eyes shut and a sigh.

Amelia B. the fairest and frailest of all. Her bones brittle. Her tree. She touched her oak tree. Could it be? Could she still see what they see? “Being without trees is an awful idea indeed.” The corners of her mouth twitched.

A knock on the door startled the poor child. What for? Her dream of being in the trees taken. Let her be! Would you not allow a dreamer to dream? To be elsewhere? To actually remember a day when she had legs to dangle from the tippy top of oak trees? A glimpse at being as she once was? To see as the trees see?

For to this day, Amelia B was just that, a tree.




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