Rain on Sunday

After two total blog posts, I have found myself in a quiet dim-lit home. Dusty window has been unlatched and rain is right now trickling onto my window seal. Sounds of blushing leaves being kissed repetitively flood my ears. Have you ever narrated your situation? I know you probably think I’m a completle wack-a-doodle. But in all seriousness, stop what you are doing. Go into the kitchen and grab some tea from the cupboard. Sit infront of your favorite window. Now for the most important part… stare. Find something random out of the blue and stare. Maybe it’s your neighbor cutting grass. Does he have a distinct manner as to which he cuts the grass or is he just trying to get the job done as quickly as possible?

As completely bonkers as this might seem, try it. Go on. I’ll wait…

I feel like such a creature of habit. It is literally driving me insane. I have even googled ‘how to not be a creature of habit’. Sad really.

Recently I have found that the best way to stop being an old hag who sits at home awaiting a suitor to come knocking on her door and sweep her off to Neverland, is to have quiet moments like this one.

Accidental happenings that spark inspirational rest. Moments that make me lie back and sigh. Memories. Years from now when I am all grown up and sophisticated, I will look back on my life and remember the greatness and simplicity of being still. Not a mouse stirring in the house and rain dripping onto my window seal.

I have heard it said that life is short and you should get out there and live! I agree totally. However, living has a different definition to every one person doesn’t it.

I want to have grand adventures, make mistakes and fall in love. That is all awaiting me and I can not contain my excitement for real! But I am also learning that moments like this, of quiet and stillness, are just as if not more important.

~ A.E.House


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