How to know you’re in love…

” He saw her seeing him. And then he knew.”


Is love a rare happening that only happens once or a social gathering?


I think it’s on everyone’s mind at some time or another. While reading novels your heart aches when the two walk away from the only thriving chance to not have anything but one another. Movie scenes of hazel and blue eyes falling shut while smoothly placed lips part in the rain.

Moments occur throughout daily life that make a girl go, hm.

She rushes in the door five minutes late and wind-blown due to a thunder storm brewing outside. Gingerly she places her lacquered fingers on the wall acting as guide in the dimly lit room. On her right she hears angel voices belting lyrics heavenward. Usually she does not look at their faces out of discretion, however, at just the appropriate time her hazels flicker through her lashes and sees him seeing her.


Small and polite smiles exchanged daily in the work place. Friendly greetings and randomly asked questions that one could answer on their own, but your heart leans in hearing her musical words grace you with its’ presence taking in every second of the occation. Replaying the five seconds that she was directing her body language towards you, laughing, and shyly pushing her tandrels behind her perfect ears. Her pink cheeks indent as she smiles goodbye. and then the sound of her shoes fading. You replay until next time. “Next time,” you tell yourself.


Turning the corner bumping into a gentle yet firm and steady body. Apologies passed between the two. An extended hand allowing her to take the lead. Her cheeks flooding with color as she sees him walk passed the window smiling at his shoes.


Longing for a steady landing place to share your thought and ideas. Will he like me? Will he want me as much as I’d want him?

Questions that are so completely unforgiving and yet so repetitive one rehearses them in their sleep.

Awaiting someone to love and to be loved is exhausting and invigorating. Learning to take time and enjoy your own life and the people whom you create memories with is the only way to not go mentally insane.

I think I’ll always wonder where he is or what he’s thinking right now. I will pray for him and wait patiently. Because I know that in the process I am loved already and I am being taught how to receive that. And when the time comes and we shall meet in our own special way, I will want to retaliate everything I have been taught on the very crucial and wonderful subject of love.

Love is waiting. Love is now. Love is here.

~ A.E.House





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